Thursday, December 03, 2009

Chocolate Ripple Recipe

ok buy a packet of chocolate ripple biscuits and some cream. Whip the cream with icing sugar until it's like whipped cream. Open the biscuits. Place cream onto the bottom of one biscuit and glue it to the next biscuit and put cream on the bottom of that biscuit and glue it to the next biscuit etc until all the biscuits are glued together with cream and they are laying on a plate in LOG formation. Cover the whole thing with remaining cream. Put it in the fridge overnight. Try to sleep if you can (it will be so exciting like the night before Xmas so it will be difficult, but try). When you awaken in the morning you will be greeted with an amazing Chocolate Ripple Cake. Cut pieces off the log in a sideways fashion, you know, like on an angle. Experience the awesomeness and impress your friends! ps don't freak out if you run out of cream, this is a common mistake for the first-timer. Just trust that it will all be ok. x pps if yours looks like the picture then you are doing well, mine never look like this. ppps I wonder if it is possible to add brandy to this?


shalini akhil said...

oh, it is possible, with any liqueur. in 2 ways. you can either:
1) add liqueur to the cream before whipping
2) dunk the biscuits in the liqueur before sandwiching.

or, come to think of it... DO BOTH

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